Jomar 85-S gets end-to-end upgrade

Dec. 22, 2022
Debuting at K, the blow molder now features servo hydraulics, clamp digital controls, variable-frequency drive, a new machine controller and color HMI.

Jomar Corp. has significantly upgraded its IntelliDrive 85-S Gen II injection blow molding machine to increase production capacity. 

The model, shown for the first time at K 2022, now features servo hydraulics, clamp digital controls, variable-frequency drive, a new machine controller and color HMI. 

“We looked at everything on the 85-S and made significant, measurable improvements,” said Jomar President Carlos Castro in a press release. “This includes preform clamp tonnage. To get more production capacity, we went from 72 to 76 U.S. tons and increased trigger-bar length from 25.75 inches to 26.7 inches.” 

The company said the 1.8-second dry cycle time is 30 percent faster than the closest competing machine. It also consumes up to 40 percent less energy, requires up to 50 percent less cooling water and needs up to 40 percent less hydraulic oil. 

The new model integrates a precise open/close digital system that prolongs cylinder life and reduces the closing impact in the press on the tooling. 

Castro said existing users of the 85-S machines can obtain a transfer head to run all of their existing tooling. 

Jomar now has three IntelliDrive models.  IntelliDrive machines use a radial piston motor as opposed to a traditional vane motor. The radial piston motor optimizes the relationship between the pistons, rollers and cam profile to create higher volumetric efficiency and power density. Radial piston motors are also known for long service life. 

IntelliDrive machines also utilize variable-frequency drives, quick-change cylinders, digital displacement transducers and a closed-loop press control. They also have a reinforced main platen.  

New Jersey-based Jomar also announced at K 2022 that it is now the exclusive North American distributor for Automa by Magic Srl extrusion blow molding (EBM) machines. The deal covers 10 Automa by Magic models manufactured by the Italian company — three accumulator head and seven continuous extrusion models. 

Jomar will also provide full technical support and spare parts.  

Here are the Automa EBM accumulator machines Jomar will sell: The AE 25 (28 tons); the AE 35 S (39 tons); and the AE 50 S (55 tons). These are the seven continuous extrusion shuttle machines: The AT 2 DH (8 tons); the AT 10 SH (17 tons); the AT 255 DH (2.3 tons); the AT 400 DH (8 tons); the AT 480 DH (11/18 tons); the AT 700 DH (29 tons); and the AT 700 DHJC (33 tons), a special version of the AT 700 DH specifically for producing stackable jerrycans. 

Automa has sold about 3,500 EBM machines around the world since the 1970s, according to Jomar. 

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