New Kautex series offers modularity, smart production

April 13, 2021
The Skyreef Series of blow molding machines will be available in hydraulic, all-electric and hybrid versions.

Skyreef series Kautex’s Skyreef-series extrusion blow molding machines are built using some of the best components and features from the company’s hydraulic KCC series and all-electric KBB series. The company said the machines will offer sustainable and efficient production of plastics packaging, whether using virgin or post-consumer resin.

What’s new? Modularity. At the series’ scheduled debut at Chinaplas this month, customers will be able to select a Skyreef model with their choice of hydraulic, all-electric or hybrid drive power. Many configuration choices are available; they include Kautex’s performance or premium die heads.

Benefits Adaptability. From its installed sensors to its control platform, the Skyreef series is designed to collect and share process information as part of Kautex’s shift to smart production. This will enable proactive interventions, self-tuning capabilities and increasing automation of production. Kautex’s quick-change systems also allow for material, color or mold changes to be accomplished in as little as 20 minutes.

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