Bottle unscrambler simplifies handling

Jan. 26, 2021
WeighPack's equipment can be used for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products.

Bottle unscrambler This machine from WeighPack transfers containers from a bulk supply hopper and aligns them for feeding downstream processes, including filling, capping, labeling and packaging. The unscrambler treats containers gently and can handle bottles with a maximum height of 9 inches and a maximum diameter of 4.7 inches. It is appropriate for handling packaging for food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and other products. Paxiom handles sales and service for Montreal-based WeighPack.

What’s new? Ease of use. Users simply dump a box of containers into the unscrambler, as opposed to an unscrambling table that requires more manual intervention.

Benefits Efficiency. The user-friendly HMI has a color touch screen that lets operators easily make adjustments, recall frequently used settings and improve machine performance. Changeover between different container sizes is quick and easy. The machine has doors made of PC that allow operators to clearly view everything happening in the machine, and when opened give full access for maintenance. Because human intervention is minimized, the bottle unscrambler decreases the potential for buildup of bacteria and cross-contamination.

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