Conveyor optimized for use with blow molders

Oct. 14, 2020
Dynamic Conveyor's Hybrid line can stand up to hot melt, and separate tips and tails from the product stream.

Hybrid line This line of conveyors from Dynamic Conveyor was designed specifically for use with blow molding machines. Hybrid line conveyors work within the tight spaces around blow molding machines, and can be rolled away for machine maintenance, mold changes, etc. Applications include separating tips and tails from the product stream and conveying them to a scrap grinder for closed-loop operation.

What’s new? High-temperature-resistant surfaces. Because purging of melt is a common occurrence, all contact surfaces are made of a nylon that can withstand temperatures up to 310 degrees Fahrenheit.

Benefits An efficient footprint. Hybrid conveyors can be made to fit any blow molder, with unlimited angles and geometries to form a perfect match. Conveyors can be from 2 to 120 inches wide, and up to 100 feet long. In addition, the Hybrid line was designed to be easy to repair — so rather than replacing an entire belt, the affected plastic links can be replaced in minutes.

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