Sacmi offers new container inspection technologies

March 16, 2020

Sacmi has turned its attention onto quality inspection, with new technologies for PET preforms, single-serve coffee capsules and containers made via extrusion blow molding (EBM) or injection blow molding (IBM).

Sacmi’s PVS10L preform inspection and sorting machine features a new technology has been designed to make changing between preform types easier.Sacmi USA Ltd.Launched at K 2019, Sacmi’s PVS10L preform inspection and sorting machine features a new technology, called the D.R.I.V.A. system, that makes changing between preform types easier. By incorporating an additional camera, the D.R.I.V.A. (an acronym for “drive and recognition with intelligent vision algorithms,”) can detect a new type of preform and automatically change inspection recipes and mechanically adapt the PVS10L and its feeder to handle the new preform.

In addition to the D.R.I.V.A., the PVS10L is equipped with software to inspect preforms inline for abnormal stress. The CVS3000-AI software eliminates the need for traditional manual sampling checks by utilizing artificial intelligence and polarized light.

This combination dramatically improves the machine’s capability to read the mold cavity number from preforms in conditions where small digits or a lack of contrast make it difficult to read with traditional vision algorithms, according to a Sacmi spokeswoman. The PVS10L can be easily installed to work inline with any new or existing injection molding machine or stretch blow molding machine, she said.

The company also introduced its CVS-M inspection system for single-serve coffee capsules at K 2019. With just one camera, the patent-pending system can inspect both the sidewall and bottom of a capsule for the presence and integrity of the barrier layer.

Lastly, the company exhibited its new inspection system for IBM and EBM containers, the BVS360, which can be configured with as many as seven cameras to inspect the body, bottom, top seal and thread areas. Additionally, using special illumination, it is able to easily detect and eject containers that have air bubbles or foreign objects embedded in the resin.

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