Upgraded leak testers spot smaller holes

Sept. 6, 2019
PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection has upgraded its established Vericon line of leak testers to make them more sensitive.
VeriCon Plus Designed for use with blow molding lines, this portfolio of leak testers from PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection includes versions for a variety of bottle sizes.Models include the VeriCon 126+ and VeriCon 135+; styles include configurations that can be mounted on a blow molding machine or used as part of a conveying system. They can measure down to 200 microns.

What’s new? The line of leak testers. Based on PTI’s established VeriCon line, the newest versions feature larger HMIs and are designed for greater detection sensitivity. In addition, they now can be integrated with other devices for data sharing.

Benefits Greater user-friendliness and improved performance. Compared with their predecessors, the VeriCon leak testers, the VeriCon+ leak testers can spot smaller defects and provide real-time inspection data. Also, like their predecessors, the VeriCon+ leak testers have been designed for reliability and long service life.

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