Italian machinery maker Magic sets sights on US

Dec. 1, 2016

An Italian blow molding machinery maker is planning an expansion in the U.S.

Magic MP SpA, of Monza, has announced that it is scouting sites around Ann Arbor, Mich., with the hopes of setting up a showroom by the summer. Among the models it is considering exhibiting is the 9-ton ME L2-3/D-LS extrusion blow molding machine, which can make 3-liter containers. The model is part of the ME, or Magic Electric, series, which is for monolayer and coextrusion containers with volumes from 0.5 liter to more than 13 gallons.

 "The continued demand for our products has meant that Magic wants to set up an office to increase assistance of our current and future customers," said Pietro Spiga , who works in technical sales for Magic. "The enormity of the U.S. market has opened new opportunities for Magic, [which] hopes to be able to offer the best experience for our customers and … the best support to their needs, creating a 100 percent customizable machine."

The all-electrics that Magic plans to promote in the U.S. offer numerous benefits over hydraulic machines, including energy efficiency, clean and quiet operation, and repeatability, he said.