New blow molding unit makes canisters

Oct. 25, 2016
Bekum's new hybrid blow molding machine is designed especially for manufacturing canisters.

Eblow 37 Designed especially for manufacturing canisters, Bekum's new hybrid blow molding machine is based on the company's hydraulic BA 34.2 machines. Its closing unit and mold-closing function are electrically driven, though a servo-­hydraulic system handles closing pressure buildup. The machine has a closing pressure of about 42 tons and a mold width of 700mm.

What's new? The blow molder.

Benefits Energy savings and flexibility, with a production increase of about 15 percent over comparable hydraulic systems. The Eblow 37 can produce 240 canisters per hour. With its spiral distributor blow heads, the machine is designed for easy material changeovers and maintenance. It can handle both single- and multiple-layer structures.

Hall 14/CO3, Bekum America Corp., Williamston, Mich., 517-655-4331,