Taiwan press makers offer advances

Oct. 19, 2016

A Number of Taiwan-based manufacturers of injection molding equipment showed their latest offerings in August at Taipei Plas.


Taipei-based Jon Wai Machinery Works Co. Ltd. introduced an injection molding machine designed specifically for the production of caps at rates typically seen only in larger machines.

At first glance, the company's JW-CAP480 looks like any other press that can generate 130 tons of clamping force. However, it boasts a larger platen and increased space between the tie bars, enabling it to compete with machines that have 220 tons of clamping force, said Patrick Pan, sales manager.

The JW-CAP480 can produce caps with diameters of 28mm to 32mm in a 32-cavity tool at rates up to 480 caps per minute, or 3.9 seconds per cycle. The ability to produce that volume of caps on a smaller press can save $15,000 annually in energy and related operating costs, Pan said.

The new model features an updated servo-assisted hydraulic system driving the main axes of motion, and an i-2000 controller from Keba AG, Linz, Austria, with a 12-inch touch screen, Pan said. The new unit will be available globally early next year.

Jon Wai also rolled out an upgraded injection press capable of handling a larger tool for PET preform production. The updated JW-130NPM model delivers clamping forces up to 143 tons. Larger tie-bar spacing — with tie bars sourced from Japan, and an optimized servo-hydraulic system featuring components from European manufacturers, including ABB — allows the unit to handle a 32-cavity PET preform mold that typically would be mounted onto a press with 300 tons of clamping force. At a demonstration at Taipei Plas, the machine molded 32 12-gram PET preforms every 10 seconds. An agent in Brazil represents Jon Wai in the Americas.


Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co. Ltd., Taichung, Taiwan, introduced its new GT-P line of two-platen machines, starting with the GT-700P with 770 tons of clamping force, said James Tsai, sales engineer for the overseas marketing division of Victor Taichung.

Victor Taichung, which offers its Va series of all-electric machines from 55 to 220 tons and its VE, VS, Vr-CE and VR lines of horizontal servo-hydraulic molding machines with clamping forces of 55 to 1,430 tons, will develop units in the GT-P line with clamping forces up to 2,200 tons, Tsai said.

The GT-P line features the company's energy­saving servo-driven pump and variable-speed drive system that reduces energy needs while reducing installed power and oil cooling costs, Tsai said. The new line also features the company's next-generation V8800 controller, which has a 15-inch swivel-mounted LCD touch screen with keyboard. Fortune International Inc., Somerset, N.J., is the company's exclusive distributor in the U.S.


Lien Yu Machinery Co. Ltd., Tainan City, Taiwan, revamped its toggle series of injection molding machines and added a new model to its two-platen series this year, said sales manager Po-Ching Huang. Maquitec Solutions S.A.S, Bogotá, Colombia, represents the company in the Americas.

The company's updated TF series toggle machines come in 16 models with clamping forces from 88 to 2,525 tons. Features include an updated toggle clamp design that has four links or claws rather than three, which improves the stability of the mechanism and allows the clamp to operate more quickly. The platens are now thicker to increase clamping stability, and larger tie-bar nuts allow the tie bars to be locked more firmly for more uniform clamp-up. The platens also have new T-slots that provide a range of mold mounting points, giving the molder the opportunity to mount many kinds of molds. The injection unit rides on linear rails, and two hydraulically operated guide cylinders keep the injection unit balanced as it moves. The TF series uses a machine control from Keba.

Lien Yu also launched the NH1000, a new two-platen model that delivers 1,100 tons of clamping force. The unit can be ordered with injection screws with diameters of 100mm, 110mm or 120mm, offering shot weights of 10.5, 12.1 and 14.5 pounds, respectively. The injection unit rides on linear rails for extended life, and houses the screw, which has a 24:1 L:D ratio. A special design keeps the nozzle centered during injection.

Other features include a short-stroke clamping cylinder that reduces oil consumption, and a locked-loop clamping design that instantly generates the clamping pressure. A specially designed support structure for the clamping and very rigid platens accommodate large, long and heavy molds and ensure mold parallelism, Huang said.

Mikell Knights, senior correspondent

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