New milling cutters have larger inserts for better machining

Aug. 22, 2016
Seco Tools improves its line of square-shoulder and helical milling cutters.

T4-12 This line of square-shoulder and helical milling cutters from Seco Tools handles most general machining requirements, including slotting, contouring and plunging, and is used for roughing and semi-finishing of steel, cast iron and other workpiece materials.

What's new? Larger inserts. The newly available, precision-ground inserts mount tangentially in their cutter bodies and have four curved cutting edges each, allowing for increased depths of cut and high rates of metal removal. Cutter diameters for the square-shoulder inserts range from 25mm to 125mm; helical inserts have cutter diameters of 50mm to 100mm. The square-shoulder milling cutter enables a 12mm maximum depth of cut.

Benefits Increased productivity, smoother machining and reduced tool costs. The tangential mounting reinforces insert stability, reduces vibration, improves chip flow and provides unrestricted access to mounting screws. Also, multiple cutting edges help reduce tool cost per part, while internal coolant channels optimize insert performance.

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