Hasco expands, updates mold components

Aug. 22, 2016
Hasco has expanded its product line with its transmission shaft,cylindrical roller bearing, needle bearing and adjusting washer.

Six new or upgraded mold gearing system components Hasco has expanded its product line with its Z1557 transmission shaft (top left), Z1561 cylindrical roller bearing (top right), Z1567 needle bearing (bottom middle) and Z1568 adjusting washer (bottom left). In addition, it has expanded the sizes for its Z1555 intermediate gear wheel (top middle) and Z1558 feather key (bottom right). The offerings perform a large number of new applications for mold making. The transmission shaft diameters are designed to coordinate with the Hasco intermediate gear wheels. Designed for the steps between the individual modules, they are hardened to resist wear. The new cylindrical roller bearing is particularly suited for high-speed applications, has a maximum service temperature of 248 degrees Fahrenheit and can also be used as a floating bearing axially in one direction. The new needle bearing is designed to save space and is suited as a bearing for threaded cores. It requires no inside ring. The adjusting washer provides a simple way to offset axial play from manufacturing tolerances, and is corrosion resistant. The intermediate gear wheel enables a designer to change the direction of the gear wheel but not the transmission ratio. The feather key, or parallel key connector, is designed for centric shaft/hub connection and is easy to fit or remove.

What's new? The products, which have recently become available in the U.S. market.

Benefits Availability of standard products designed to work together and with other Hasco products, plus greater flexibility in designs and assembly possibilities. The off-the-shelf transmission shaft can be used with standard gear wheels and other extensions for the transmission system. Previously, mold makers had to manufacture their own shafts.

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