Special Report: Testing — before and after processing

July 5, 2016

Plastics processing technologies have changed substantially over the last decade, enabling processors to deliver increasingly sophisticated products. But this progress also has led to an increase in demand for both pre- and post-processing testing capabilities to support the pace of manufacturing.

Several trends have emerged, with customers requiring systems that offer value beyond measurement capabilities.

"The volume of testing that customers manage requires allocation of staff resources in alignment with productivity objectives," said Florian Liebert, manager, plastics and composites, Zwick USA, Kennesaw, Ga. "Lab managers are seeking systems that enable them to optimize where staff members spend time in the test lab. They are also seeking systems that reduce the potential for human error." Also, "materials testing is a critical issue for plastics processors managing customer requirements and demonstrating that their products satisfy prescriptive specifications," Liebert said. 

Because of this, demand is increasing for automation as processors look for opportunities to gain efficiencies.

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