Arburg debuts entry-level Gold series

March 26, 2016

Arburg GmbH, Lossburg, Germany, has unveiled a new, entry-level series of electric injection molding machines in its Allrounder line.

The series is called Golden Electric and comes in clamping forces of about 67, 112, 169 and 225 tons.

The Allrounder Golden Electric series is similar to Arburg's entry-level Golden Edition series of hydraulic injection molding machines. Prices for the new series are similar, an Arburg spokesperson said.

The company said it is using standardized components to keep prices low. Golden Electrics have a fixed combination of distance between tie bars, clamping force and injection unit size. The 67-ton clamping force model has 370mm between the tie bars and a 3.7-ounce injection unit shot size; the 112-ton unit has 470mm of tie-bar space and a 6.1-ounce injection unit; the 169-ton unit has 520mm of tie-bar space and an 8.2-ounce injection unit; the 225-ton machine has 570mm of tie-bar space and an 15.3-ounce injection unit.

Other features include a double five-point toggle for faster cycles, play-free spindle drives without belts for precision, position-regulated screws that enable cavities to be filled with a high degree of accuracy and four tie-bar guides for mold protection.

The Golden Electric presses have liquid-cooled motors and converters. Because of the efficiency of servo motors, continuous power adaption and energy recovery during braking, the company says the machines use 55 percent less energy than comparable hydraulic models.

Synchronizing the servo-electric injection with the movement of the mold is an option. The Golden Electrics use Selogica control systems that enable full integration of robot systems.

The new series is designed for standard injection molding jobs, Arburg said in a press release.

The Golden Electric machines were launched at Arburg's Technology Days in March in Germany and a 112-ton unit will be making pill splitters at Chinaplas later this month in Shanghai. Arburg's U.S. headquarters is in Rocky Hill, Conn.

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