Wittmann Battenfeld smartphone app links user, machines

April 2, 2015

Wittmann Battenfeld Inc., Torrington, Conn., has added another layer of connectivity to the plant floor with its WiBa QuickLook app that enables smartphone users to check the status of individual molding machines and robots.

Last summer, Wittmann Battenfeld released the WiBa Connect app that links smartphone users with the company's technical support staff.

WiBa QuickLook is available for free for Apple phones from the iOS App Store and for Android phones via Google Play.

The new app links to Wittmann's R8.3 robots running control software version 8.21.00 or higher and Wittmann Battenfeld's Unilog B6 machine control systems with software V07.2. The robot and molding machine control systems must be connected to the plant's Wi-Fi system.

Wittmann Battenfeld says it is keeping the information available through WiBa QuickLook to a manageable overview. To get additional details or change machine settings, the user must still go to the machine.

Close-up views for individual robots and molding machines give production data, alarms and user-defined program values. Multiple components can be grouped on one screen and component lists can be sorted manually. Components can be added by entering their IP addresses.


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