Kautex offers larger-model all-electric KBB

Oct. 23, 2014

KBB 80  This all-electric extrusion blow molding unit for consumer packaging projects is the largest in the four-model KBB line launched in 2013 by Kautex Maschinebau GmbH.

WHAT'S NEW  The model handles molds up to 3.15 feet by 1.25 feet and mold halves up to 660 pounds apiece, with up to 55 cavities, for mono layer through ReCo three-layer products via a simple retrofit.

BENEFITS  Lower energy consumption due to energy recovery during braking of servomotors. Mold changeovers of 15 minutes require just two people. The compact KBB design integrates leak testing and switch cabinets.

Kautex Machines Inc., 908-252-9350, www.kautex-group.com