Formlabs debuts faster printer

May 22, 2024
The Form 4 will be compatible with at least 17 resins at launch.

Form 4 The fourth generation of Formlabs’ desktop resin 3D printers, the Form 4 will be compatible with at least 17 resins at its launch, with four newly reformulated general-purpose resins that print faster on the Form 4 ecosystem.  

What’s new? The Form 4, Formlabs’ first new printer in four years. The new printer includes Formlabs’ Low Force Display (LFD) print engine, as well as an ultra-high-power backlight, a proprietary release texture and a dual-layer, flexible film resin tank.  

Benefits Faster printing. Depending on the resin being used, the Form 4 prints two to five times faster than its predecessor, the Form 3+. It can reach a maximum vertical print speed of about 3.9 inches per hour, with most prints completed in under two hours, making it possible to produce multiple part iterations in a 24-hour period. The system is intuitive to use, and the company said anyone can learn to print in 15 minutes. The Form 4 has 50-micron pixels and advanced pixel smoothing to offer very high print quality. Its resin tank can last for more than 75,000 layers, and it has a 30 percent larger print volume than earlier Formlabs printers. The Form 4 is available for $4,499.  

Formlabs Inc., Somerville, Mass., 617-702-8476,  

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