Arburg to open additive manufacturing center in Italy

Feb. 22, 2023
Arburg's collaboration with Faberlab, an Italian 3D printing firm, will allow it to demonstrate the industrial potential of its Freeformer 3D printers.
Arburg (2)

Following a year of planning, Arburg announced that it will partner with Faberlab, an Italian 3D printing firm, to open an additive manufacturing (AM) technology center on March 2 near Milan. 

The “Faberlab powered by Arburg” Additive Center will be run as a collaboration between the companies, with the aim of demonstrating the potential of industrial AM to prospective and existing customers. An Arburg Freeformer 200-3X, a high-temperature Freeformer 300-3X and an innovatiQ TiQ 5 printer with a large build chamber for processing high-performance thermoplastics will be in operation. 

This pilot project, located in Origgio, Italy, is based on the Arburg Prototyping Center (APC) facilities that the company operates at its headquarters in Lossburg, Germany, as well as at its branches in the U.S. and China.