Software program for Carbon users simplifies lattice design

May 4, 2021
Design Engine has a fully interactive user interface and allows users to design lattice in minutes, cutting time to market significantly.
Design Engine This cloud-based software program from Carbon automates the process of designing conformal, single-zone lattices that can be used as alternatives to foam in a variety of industries, including automotive, electronics and home furnishings. It has a fully interactive user interface and offers product teams the ability to produce five different types of conformal lattices.

What’s new? The package, which was released in February. It is available to users of all Carbon’s printers, which are available by subscription. 

Benefits Simplified lattice creation, resulting in labor and time savings; faster time from design to market; and the ability to produce parts with improved mechanical performance advantages. Design Engine can iterate and take advantage of the benefits of 3-D printers and lattice technology quickly. Design Engine users can generate a lattice structure in just a few minutes, cutting time to market significantly, sometimes as much as months.  

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