Printer makes parts that can stand up to heat

Dec. 11, 2020
The Delta WASP 4070 TECH has a build chamber that can reach 572 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing it to print engineering resins like PEEK.

Delta WASP 4070 TECH This 3-D printer from Italy-based CSP srl is designed to print large-scale parts from engineering resins. Its water-cooled extruder brings filaments up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit to handle resins like PEEK and polyphenylene sulfide. WASP printers are distributed in the U.S. by PicoSolutions Group.

What’s new? The printer, which can be ordered now for delivery in the U.S. in June.

Benefits High-quality, high-strength prints. The printer’s inline resin-drying system helps improve mechanical properties of the final print, while its proprietary Firecap system heats the build chamber to 572 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent delamination and uneven crystallization of large-scale parts. Parts made with these highly engineered resins can be used to replace metal parts.

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