WM Thermoforming updates with the FX series

Oct. 2, 2023
The FX780 steel rule cutting machine offers faster startups and increased productivity.

FX780 WM Thermoforming’s new steel rule cutting machine delivers 33.7 tons of clamping force and 67.4 tons of cutting force. It boasts durable construction features to provide long-term reliability. It is also designed to offer exceptional mold interchangeability, allowing competitors’ molds to be used without major modification.

What’s new? The FX series, which is the “updated” version of WM Thermoforming’s FC series of steel rule cutting machines. The FX series debuted in September at PLAST Milan.

Benefits Increased productivity and faster startups. Updated software, which was improved in part from customer feedback, provides operators a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, with enhanced diagnostic functions and the ability to provide technical diagrams and troubleshooting tips. The FX780 boasts increased mold size and superior robustness compared to the FC780. It offers Industry 4.0 capabilities, and the WM Thermoforming’s myFX app allows users to check it remotely; multi-user access allows several accounts to log in simultaneously to consult all machine data.

WM Thermoforming Machines SA, Stabio, Switzerland, 41-91-640-7050, www.wm-thermoforming.com 

Vital statistics


Maximum mold dimensions

30.7 inches by 23.2 inches

Maximum forming depth

5.5 inches


Clear PET

Sheet thickness




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