SPE Thermoforming Division adds two categories to parts competition

May 24, 2023
Submission deadline is Sept. 23 for the biennial contest.
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The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Thermoforming Division has announced a call for entries in its biennial Parts Competition, as well as the addition of two new categories, which will be displayed at the 29th SPE Thermoforming Conference in Cleveland Oct. 23-26. The submission deadline is Sept.  23. 

“At our last conference in 2021, we introduced 3D printing [of tools] as a new category for our parts competition,” said Travis Kieffer, 2023 SPE Thermoforming Conference Parts Competition Chair.  “This year we’re pleased to open the competition to two new categories that are especially timely: bioplastics, and EV/battery applications. We are seeking part entries that show innovative use of the thermoforming process for parts production.”  

Other categories include roll-fed (industrial, medical, food); heavy-gauge (vacuum form, pressure form, twin sheet); and parts produced with recycled/sustainable materials. 

Guidelines and the required product entry form are posted online at https://thermoformingdivision.com/parts-competition/guidelinesentry-form/.