Die-changing console eases mold loading

March 3, 2023
Roemheld unit can load molds weighing up to 50 tons into thermoforming machines.

Die-changing console This unit from Roemheld was originally designed for use in metal forming, but it also can be used to load molds in plastic thermoforming machines.  It consists of a manually movable carrying console and an electric push-chain drive. Users place the mold on the console using a crane or a forklift truck, and the console can then be rolled into position and manually locked into hooks hung on the mold-changing side of the machine.   

What’s new? The die-changing console.

Benefits Ease of use. Steering rollers simplify transport of the complete system from one installation to the next, and a hydraulic lifting column controlled via a foot lever makes docking into the hooks easy. Once the changing console is locked in position, users control the chain-drive system and position the mold using a push-button on a remote-controlled pendant. Sensors and stops can be integrated into the control system. The console can handle molds weighing up to 50 tons. 

Roemheld North America, Fenton, Mo., 636-386-8022, www.roemheld-usa.com 
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