WM Thermoforming stacking system upgrade fills need for speed

Jan. 3, 2023
The new stacking system that accompanies the Punch-and-Die Twist 700 processing system is faster and more efficient.

Twist 700 Equipped with a fully electric tilting platen, this WM Thermoforming pressure-forming, punch and die machine is appropriate for high-volume production of tubs, pots, disposable cups and lids that require perfect wall-thickness distribution and high quality.

What’s new? The new MSvS stacker. Designed for handling deep-draw or high-stacking-pitch products, it’s based on the previous model, the MSv Stacker. According to the company, the last letter, “-S,” stands for both shuttle and speed. The previous MSv system picked up finished pieces from the forming station, then transferred them into a basket. Once it filled that basket, the system vertically transferred parts to a second basket under the first one. In contrast, the MSvS features two separate stacking baskets: one to the right and one to the left side of the machine. Once one basket is filled, it discharges its contents onto a conveyor belt and is ready to be filled again. In addition to launching the new stacker, WM has upgraded the machine with a bridge conveyor with automatic sheet feeding.

Benefits High product quality and minimal energy consumption. The new stacker ensures fast cycle times, faster tool exchanges and lower investment on tool accessories. It enables a process that’s fluid and continuous, and wastes no time.

WM Thermoforming Machines SA, Stabio, Switzerland, 41-91-6407050, www.wm-thermoforming.com 

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