Gabler introduces versatile thermoformer

Dec. 15, 2022
The new multi-station, steel-rule Flex-Line is ideally suited for processing PET parts, especially food packaging.

Flex-Line Gabler’s new multi-station, steel-rule thermoforming machine is ideally suited for processing PET parts, especially food packaging, due to its high punching, closing and clamping forces. It is available with either two or three stations, including, as necessary, a hole-punching station, padding station or a station for the use of combined forming and cutting tools. 

What’s new? The machine, introduced at the K Show. It features a movable top and bottom yoke with driven forming tables guided by three pillars with linear guides, as well as servo-driven sheet transport, and high-performance air pressure equipment and vacuum pump. Servo drives and a dual-toggle lever system power the forming tables.  Magnetic valves control the forming air.  

Benefits Flexibility and versatility. The machine features direct machine control and can use competitors’ tools. It consumes little energy. Depending on product design, the forming area can accommodate parts from multiple cavities. The stroke is easily variable for different product heights. 

Gabler North America, Louisville, Ky., 989-615-6365, 

Vital Statistics  

Clamping forces  

About 90 tons 

Forming area  

About 2.6 feet by 2.1 feet 

Maximum draw depth 

5.5 inches/5.9 inches (female/male) 

Heater elements 

600 watts (top); 400 watts (bottom)  

Cycle times 

Up to 60 per minute 

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