Blasting unit removes paint from surfaces

Dec. 29, 2016
Dry ice blasting machine removes paint, varnish, adhesives, oils, wax, foams and release agents from solid surfaces.

AscoJet 608 This new dry ice blasting machine from Asco Carbon Dioxide is suited for removing paint, varnish, adhesives, oil, wax, foams and release agents from a variety of solid surfaces, including injection molds and molds for PU processing. The smallest in the company's line of dry ice blasting machines, the AscoJet 608 features intuitive operation, an adjustable handle for user comfort and an integrated grinder to create very fine ice particles.

What's new? The machine, which made its debut in October at the K show.

Benefits Quiet operation and gentle, nonabrasive cleaning. Also, molds don't need to be dismantled before cleaning.

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