Bäumer splitting machine gains knife-guidance system

Nov. 14, 2016
This machine from Albrecht Bäumer is capable of splitting materials as dense as 28 pounds per cubic foot.

Split-H Endless 500 Designed for precise splitting of sheet and block materials, this machine from Albrecht Bäumer, Freudenberg, Germany, is capable of splitting materials as dense as 28 pounds per cubic foot, depending on the material and cutting thickness. Developed to be the successor to the company's existing BSR-1 model, it is especially well-suited to technical applications in fields such as the packaging and automotive industries. The Split-H Endless 500 can cut a wide range of materials, including PU, PE, cross-linked PE and ethylene-vinyl acetate.

What's new? The knife-guidance system, which was developed in conjunction with major PE producers and manufacturers, as well as a vacuum system that is 40 percent more powerful than that of the BSR-1. The machine also features new systems for height adjustment and dimensional deviation detection.

Benefits Enhanced stability and reduced friction, as well as a longer operating life, thanks to the guidance system. The machine senses changes in a material's thickness and adjusts to optimize the angle of the knife, while the height-adjustment system reduces waste. Finally, a new camera system monitors the knife to detect dimensional deviations, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

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