Moisture Meter gains optional accessories

Oct. 3, 2016
Moretto's Moisture Meter determines how much moisture needs to be removed and communicates that to the dryer.

Moisture Meter Moretto has enhanced its Moisture Meter product, which is an integral part of the Eureka Plus drying system, but is also sold separately. The meter determines how much moisture needs to be removed from the resin and continuously communicates that information to the dryer. It is suited for injection molding, extrusion and any other process that requires control of resin moisture.

What's new? Optional accessories that affix to the dryer's hopper to measure the moisture levels of both the incoming and outgoing resin. Moretto is showing the new options at K 2016.

Benefits Improved performance and simple operation. With more precise data on the amount of moisture in the resin at all stages, Moisture Meter can optimize the performance of the accompanying dryer. Also, no calibration is needed; the operator can simply select the polymer to be processed from an included materials database.

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