Measuring machine offers dual sensors

Aug. 29, 2016
Werth has updated its coordinate measuring machine series for mold maker quality-assurance applications.

ScopeCheck Werth has updated its coordinate measuring machine series, which can be used by mold makers for quality-assurance applications.    

What's new? A dual-ram approach for multisensor use, along with an updated version of the machines' software, WinWerth Version 8.40.

Benefits The combination of two sensors in one machine. The newest version of WinWerth features optimized operation for tactile and optical sensors. With the dual-ram approach and the use of Werth's multisensor interface, an optical sensor and touch probe can both operate on the same axis, providing the ability to collect a fuller range of data. The approach also allows the sensors to reach all positions, even on a large work piece, which can be difficult when using machines with independent sensor axes.

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