Aton Plus wheel dryer features new user interface with touch screen

March 25, 2015

Aton plus  Wittmann Battenfeld has extended its Drymax product line with this Aton plus segmented wheel dryer. The dryer is available in several sizes and is designed for easy access to the filter elements. 

What's new?  The user interface. The touch display lets the operator have an overview of all drying parameters while the graphical menu navigation makes operation simple. The touch display also allows control of the company's Feedmax S3 net material loaders.

Benefits  Energy savings. The dryer's EcoMode feature automatically selects the drying method, while the 3-save process reduces energy use during the regeneration phase. The 3-save process optimizes the regeneration phase. Compared with conventional wheel dryers, the Aton plus can achieve energy savings of 48 percent. 

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