Dri-Air centralizes Conveyance

Feb. 19, 2015

Hopper bank with integrated conveyance system This Dri-Air compact hopper bank has central conveyance to up to 10 machines. Designed for a medical molder that required a central drying system outside a clean room, it can deliver small volumes of material to multiple machines in the clean room through a ceiling or wall.

What's new? Quick-change manifolds for switching from one hopper to another or connecting multiple machines to one drying hopper, via a just-in-time press-mounted receiver. Each hopper's individual temperature controller ranges between 150 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit; shut-off valves isolate hoppers not in use.

Benefits Flexibility and versatility of a single centralized multi-hopper bank on a small, economical scale for conveying loads of 5 to 600 pounds to multiple locations.

Dri-Air Industries Inc., East Windsor, Conn., 860-627-5110, www.dri-air.com