Erema adds 215mm option to RTF screen changers

Jan. 26, 2015

Erema SW 8/215 RTF Erema offers this 215mm (8.5 inch) diameter filter screen as a new size option on its RTF automatic back-flushing screen changers used in the processing of recycled materials. The system is designed to clean a contaminated filter through a back-flushing step. Six sizes are now available, in diameters from 82mm to 250mm.

What's New? The 215mm diameter fills a gap between Erema's 170mm and 250mm filtration options. When a screen change is required, a piston moves the screen off-line with minimal interruption of melt flow pressure. The number of required screens varies with system configurations: one piston with two screens, two pistons with four screens, four pistons with eight screens or six pistons with 12 screens.

Benefits The added screen size increases capabilities for matching production requirements with greater precision and economy. The system's back-flush feature reduces screen replacement costs by as much as 95 percent, as the screens can be used repeatedly. Roughly 20 to 30 back flushes can be executed before screen change is required.

Erema North America, Ipswich, Mass., 978-356-3771,