Newest ABB robot compact, flexible

Nov. 29, 2014

IRB 1200 Robot  This latest family of small robots for material handling and machine tending — from ABB Engineering Ltd. — features two models: a 28-inch reach with a carrying capacity of 15.4 pounds and a 36-inch version with a carrying capacity of 11 pounds.

What's New?  Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and maintenance, especially in CNC machining and material handling environments. It has no offset in axis two for a longer stroke, allowing a compact installation — for example, if the robot is mounted to the ceiling inside a smaller cell. The IRB 1200 has four air ducts, 10 customer signals and Ethernet, all routed internally.

Benefits  Size, flexibility and easy maintenance. Mountable at any angle, the robot has a large, useable working area in a compact footprint (8.4 inches by 8.4 inches). Because it's compact, the IRB 1200 can stand close to its workstation such as for electronics or small parts assembly. Electrical and air connections can be made through side ports.

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