Hillenbrand's Tory Flynn pushes beyond the status quo

Feb. 6, 2024
The company's CSO and VP of corporate affairs embraces being “strategically unreasonable” to address challenges in plastic recycling.  

From the spring 2024 issue of Plastics Recycling.

Edited by DeAnne Toto 

Hillenbrand is a global industrial company headquartered in Batesville, Indiana, that serves a wide number of industries, including durable plastics, food and recycling, with a mission to develop solutions that provide greater returns for its shareholders and excellent value for its customers. 

“Even though we are an equipment manufacturer, we play a leading role in the plastics value chain,” Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of Corporate Affairs Tory Flynn says. “Our machines support the development of durable plastics, which is an enabler for some of the world’s leading sustainable practices, like light-weighting electric vehicles, prolonging the shelf life of food, making medical advancements and delivering quality health care. Durable plastics are and will continue to be vital to our economy, which is why we must focus on advancing sustainability within the plastics value chain.” 

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