Fimic introduces large screw pump

Jan. 31, 2024
The SPA 190, named for its designer, is easy to use and maintain.

SPA This line of screw pumps is an acronym for Screw Pump Antonio, named for Fimic CEO Antonio Canaia, who more than 20 years ago created the first automatic self-cleaning melt filter when he was a research and development specialist for the company. The SPA screw pumps allow easy transport of the plastic melt from the extruder to the filter without using gears. They are designed to address the challenges that arise during plastics recycling operations, which can damage regular gear pumps. Compatible with any single- or twin-screw extruder, they can stabilize the pressure of the material and maximize the productivity of the filter and extruder.  

What’s new? The SPA 190, which Fimic calls the biggest screw pump in the market. Fimic introduced the SPA 190 in October 2023 at the Fakuma exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany.  

Benefits Ease of use and maintenance. The SPA screw pumps can be installed either before or after the filter, making them appropriate for applications requiring a double filtration step. In addition to recycling applications, the screw pumps are useful in situations that require increasing melt pressure or the regulation of pressure flow. The SPA screw pumps require neither maintenance, nor a safety filter for pump protection. Compared with regular gear pumps, SPA screw pumps are less expensive to operate and more robust, according to Fimic.  

Fimic Srl, Carmignano di Brenta, Italy, 864-415-1639, 

Vital Statistics 

SPA 190 dimensions 

About 4.9 feet by 10.2 feet by 9.2 feet 


About 9,260 pounds 


180 rpm 

Outlet pressure 

Up to about 200 bar 

Total installed power 

About 110 kilowatts 

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