Tego Cycle additives improve recycling efficiency

Nov. 8, 2023
Evonik's new family of products can be used at every stage of the mechanical recycling process.

Tego Cycle  Evonik’s Tego Cycle family of additives offers products that can be used at every stage of the mechanical recycling process for plastics. For example, in the washing stage, Tego Cycle additives include wetting agents and antifoam products to prevent the adhesion of dirt and air, providing excellent plastics separation, as well as additives for de-inking and de-labeling. The Tego Cycle family also includes additives that reduce odor and improve the compatibilization of rigid and flexible materials, including additives optimized for resins including PE and PP.  

What’s new? The Tego Cycle brand family, which debuted at Plastics Recycling Show Europe in May. 

Benefits Energy savings. The additives can improve efficiency of mechanical recycling, decreasing the energy required. Additionally, Evonik’s additives can help improve processing and enhance polymer properties, leading to more-competitive costs and higher-quality pellet quality. 

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