Avient masterbatches enable 100 percent-recycled-content packaging

May 11, 2021
Rejoin PCR masterbatches can include both colorants and functional additives in one formulation and are designed to be incorporated into recycled polyolefins used in packaging applications.

Rejoin PCR Avient’s new line of masterbatches can include both colorants and functional additives in one formulation. The products are designed to be incorporated into recycled polyolefinused in packaging applications.  

What’s new? The product line, which came out in March. Unlike other masterbatches, it uses post-consumer polyolefin as the carrier resin, rather than virgin resin. The new masterbatch is available in customizable colors and with special effects.  

Benefits The ability to make 100 percent recycled-resin packaging. Typically, finished products made with masterbatches that use virgin material as a carrier resin contain 3 to 5 percent non-recycled plastic; Avient’s masterbatch makes it possible for molders to use 100 percent recycled resin — a promise that growing numbers of consumer-goods companies are making. Rejoin PCR masterbatch can be added during production using standard equipment with little to no impact on processing. In addition, it allows for full recyclability of the end product. 

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