Tomra machines can sort polyolefins

Nov. 12, 2020
Its Innosort Flake now adds PE and PP to the polymers it can sort.

Innosort Flake Tomra’s Innosort Flake uses its Flying Beam near-infrared sensor and dual full-color cameras to sort plastic flakes for recycling. It can identify and remove unwanted polymers, as well as flakes with color impurities. Its modular design allows it to be used with up to four different chutes.

What’s new? Polyolefin sorting. Previously, Tomra’s flake sorting systems focused on PET, but the upgraded polyolefin-specific sensor can identify both PE and PP. Also, this upgraded Innosort Flake unit is wider at 78.7 inches, compared to earlier versions with widths of either 39.4 inches or 59.1 inches.

Benefits Multi-polymer capabilities. Now one machine can sort PE, PP and PET flakes. Its sensors can accurately sort flakes as small as 2mm. And the company says its new width allows multiple functions to be performed simultaneously by one machine.

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