Machine removes labels from bottles

March 16, 2020

This story appeared in the Winter 2020 edition of Plastics Recycling.

 Stadler’s machine for removing labels from plastic bottles features stator and rotor knives made from high-tensile steel and a rotor that can operate at speeds from 80 rpm to 240 rpm. Suited for installation at the beginning of a sorting line, the Delabeler removes more than 80 percent of bottle labels. 

What’s new? A larger model, with a diameter of 7.3 feet, that can process up to 9.9 tons of material per hour. On the market since fall, the new unit joins the original version of the Delabeler, which has a diameter of 6.1 feet and can process 6.6 tons per hour.  

Benefits High-volume processing and robust construction for long life and resistance to contaminants. Additionally, the machine’s maintenance doors permit safe and easy cleaning.  

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