BritAS piston screen changers come in multiple configurations

April 1, 2020
The CMF, CMF-BF, CMF-ECO and DMF units are designed for processing relatively less-contaminated waste streams.

Piston screen changers Designed for polyolefins, engineering plastics and hot-melt adhesives, the latest additions to BritAS’ portfolio of screen changers include two new series, the continuous CMF screen changers and discontinuous DMF screen changers. The CMF comes in three versions — the CMF, CMF-BF and CMF-ECO; the DMF comes in square and round configurations. The standard CMF has no backflushing function, but it can be retrofitted or supplied as the CMF-BF, which features a special attachment with two pistons for automatic backflushing. The economical CMF-ECO mirrors the CMF but cannot be retrofitted for backflushing. The DMF-rd is heated with ceramic heater bands and is the most effective at filtering; meanwhile, the square version, the DMF-sq, is suitable for higher temperatures and higher pressures. In the U.S., BritAS Recycling-Anlagen GmbH, Hanau, Germany, is represented by Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions.

What’s new? The screen changers, which have been available for several months.

Benefits Versatility. Compared with BritAS’ other offerings, the new screen changers are designed specifically for use in recycling operations involving relatively less polluted waste streams.

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