Ettlinger offers high-throughput melt filter

April 1, 2020
The ERF 1000 handles more than 22,000 pounds of plastic melt per hour.

ERF 1000 Ettlinger’s latest high-performance melt filter for recycling applications can handle up to 18 percent contamination by materials such as paper, wood, aluminum, copper and rubber. It is suited for processing a wide variety of resins, including PP, PS, ABS, PC, TPU, LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE. The company offers several mesh sizes for the self-cleaning ERF 1000; the finest is 60 microns.  

What’s new? The throughput. With a filtration surface of 973 square inches — twice as much as the ERF 500, the next-largest model in the line — the ERF 1000 can filter up to 22,046 pounds of plastic melt per hour. The ERF line now includes four sizes, with the smallest, the ERF 200, having a maximum throughput of 1,764 pounds per hour.  

Benefits High quality coupled with automatic operation. Even when processing highly contaminated materials, the compact filter has very low melt losses. Additionally, it can run continuously and automatically for weeks at a time. 

Ettlinger North America LP, Tyrone, Georgia, 770-703-8541,