Cooling units are suited for use with engineering resins

June 8, 2020
RocTool has expanded its C line to with high-temperature versions designed to handle temperatures of up to 842 degrees Fahrenheit.

C line RocTool’s cooling units are set up between an existing chiller and a mold to manage when and how water will be directed into the mold, as well as to control the purging of the mold between heating steps. 

What’s new? A high-temperature option, with the introduction of HT units within the C line. Scheduled for release later this year, they have been fortified to handle temperatures up to 842 degrees Fahrenheit — 270 degrees higher than non-HT models. The models feature reinforced piping and can handle the molding conditions required by engineering resins, including PEEK, polyetherketoneketone and polyphenylsulfone. Also, unlike other RocTool cooling units, the HT units can manage in real time the flow rate of water going into the mold, rather than just maintaining a constant flow as determined by a per-minute parameter; if necessary, new elements inside the units can slow down or stop the flow. The versions can handle maximum flow rates ranging from 100 to 400 liters per minute.  

Benefits Effective cooling of molds that handle engineering resins.  

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