Cybersecurity roundtable: Where it stands, what's coming next

Nov. 14, 2023
Editors from Endeavor Business Media brands discuss the need to guard against attacks and prepare for their fallout.

The lack of cybersecurity in manufacturing is "the digital pandemic no one talks about," according to one expert who spoke to Bruce Geiselman, senior staff reporter for Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing, for a recent story.

Plastics processors aren't immune to attack, and even smaller companies can find themselves targeted, so every business needs to set up defenses, make a plan in case of a breach and be ready to execute it.

In addition to PMM's recent series, several other Endeavor Business Media brands have been covering the issue. Representatives of the brands joined IndustryWeek Editor-in-Chief Robert Schoenberger on Nov. 9 for a roundtable discussion:

Geiselman also spoke about cybersecurity on an episode of PMM Insight, our new podcast