Software update improves die simulation

Dec. 21, 2020
Version 4.1 of polyXtrue can accommodate more temperature zones, calibrators and modified profiles to more accurately model the final product.

polyXtrue This 3-D simulation software from Plastic Flow helps users design or optimize dies for extruded and coextruded products. Users can specify material properties and processing conditions, then run the simulation to see what modifications are necessary to achieve their desired final product. Die designers can purchase a license of the software or download a free version and pay a fee for each simulation of the die’s flow.

What’s new? Version 4.1. While the earlier version allowed users to simulate one calibrator and one temperature zone before and after it, this update allows for many more variables, with up to 20 calibrators as well as 10 temperature zones before the first calibrator and 10 zones after the last one. Also, the update can accommodate profiles in calibrators that differ from the profile shape at the die exit.

Benefits Improved simulations. Version 4.1 can precisely predict the temperature along the entire post-die cooling system. Because the software can simulate the influence of calibrators, sizers and wipers, as well as accommodate the shape of the profile in the calibrator being different than the die exit profile, it can more accurately predict the layer structure of a multilayer coextruded product.

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