Software optimizes machine cutting

Nov. 13, 2020
CGTech’s Vericut has been updated with version 9.11, which can double tool life.

Vericut CGTech’s Vericut software works with almost any CNC-controlled machine to simulate, verify and optimize manufacturing processes like milling, drilling or additive manufacturing. Vericut can simulate the use of multiple steps and machines to create a part — for example, building a part on a 3-D printer, then performing finishing work on it in a five-axis machining center.

What’s new? Version 9.11, which was released in September.

Benefits Efficient machining. Version 9.11’s Force Learn Mode lets the software learn how to optimize cutting in real life by finding out how to create ideal chip thicknesses during simulations. Using the resulting data lets machines cut molds quicker while reducing machine wear and as much as doubling tool life.

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