Fanuc introduces upgraded cobots with higher payloads at Automate

June 1, 2023
Fanuc has increased the payloads of its CRX-25iA and CR-35iB by at least 20 percent, to 66 pounds and 110 pounds, respectively.

By Bruce Geiselman 

Fanuc America at Automate 2023 in Detroit unveiled upgrades to two of its existing high-payload collaborative robots (cobots), increasing the maximum payload for each. 

The Fanuc CRX-25iA cobot, which previously had a maximum payload of 55 pounds, can now handle 30 kilograms (kg), or 66 pounds. Fanuc demonstrated the enhanced payload with a cobot that handled a 66-pound kettlebell with full wrist articulation. 

A second CRX-25iA equipped with the Fanuc Servo Torch demonstrated its reach of almost 6.2 feet in a welding demonstration that also showcased easy lead-through-teaching of welding joints on a lawn mower deck. 

Fanuc’s CR-35iB cobot also had a payload upgrade, from 77 pounds to 50 kg, or 110 pounds, making it the industry leader in terms of cobot payload, according to the company.

Automate visitors saw a demonstration of the new CR-35iB using Fanuc’s 3DV iRVision vision-detection system to locate and lift 110-pound castings from a pallet and place them on a shelf before recirculating the parts back onto the pallet. The demonstration with the vision system allowed the robot to adjust when the pallet location shifted.  

The introduction of the increased-capacity cobots comes as companies look to the technologies to enhance productivity and solve labor issues. 

“We’ve seen substantial growth in the cobot space, particularly from companies who are new to robotic automation,” said Eric Potter, GM for the company’s general industry and automotive segment, in a press release. “We’re excited to introduce the CRX-25iA cobot with a 30 kg payload capacity, and the CR-35iB cobot with a 50 kg payload capacity. Now, customers can easily handle heavier products with these models.” 

Fanuc has 11 cobot models that can work in a variety of industrial applications including assembly, inspection, materials handling, packaging, palletizing, sanding and welding. 

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