Low-temperature-cure LSR unveiled at K Show

Jan. 24, 2023
Momentive's LTC LSR – K 2022 makes possible overmolding applications with electronics, other plastics that previously couldn't be achieved because of high heat requirements.

Low-temperature-cure LSR Momentive introduced its low-temperature-cure (LTC) Silopren LSR 5650 at Fakuma in 2021. While standard LSRs are typically processed at temperatures between 338 degrees Fahrenheit and 392 degrees Fahrenheit, Silopren LSR 5650’s reactivity has been optimized so it can cure more quickly within a lower temperature range.

What’s new? Momentive's LTC Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) – K 2022, a successor to Silopren LSR 5650. LTC LSR  – K 2022 was introduced at the K Show. Momentive plans to make the material commercially available as part of its Silopren line in 2023.

Benefits Energy savings, faster cycle times and many new potential applications. Momentive has further optimized the reactivity of LTC LSR – K 2022, allowing it to cure at temperatures from 338 degrees Fahrenheit to as low as 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower temperature requirements open the potential for overmolding applications with a wide range of plastics or electronics that were previously not possible to perform economically due to traditional LSR’s higher curing temperature. The lower temperature requirements also allow for the use of lower-power heaters and less-demanding mold clearances. LTC LSR – K 2022 has a pot life of more than a week, compared to less than 24 hours for conventional materials.

 Momentive Performance Materials Inc., Niskayuna, N.Y., 704-805-6946, www.momentive.com

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