eBook: "Plastics and the Labor Crunch, Part 1: Causes and Solutions"

March 14, 2023
Collection of articles looks at why the labor market is so tight, and the steps some companies are taking to alleviate it.

The plastics jobs market, like most markets, continues to be in an unprecedented state of flux. As a startling number of employees leave their jobs, employers find themselves hamstrung by a dearth of workers. With the market further roiled by the pandemic, some plastics companies have found success by turning to automation, while others seek out more diverse hires and work to improve employee relations as they strive to develop a stable and lasting workforce.

In this Part 1 of a special report, PMM Senior Staff Reporter Karen Hanna takes a deep dive into the labor crunch with special focus on causes and solutions that are working for some plastics companies.

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