Sick multiScan100 lidar gives mobile robots a 360-degree view

Sept. 12, 2023
Sensor can be retrofitted to AGVs and AMRs to improve guidance and safety.

multiScan100 Sick’s multiScan100 family of 3D lidar sensors provide mobile platforms with a 360-degree, 3D view of their surroundings. They can be incorporated by OEMs or retrofitted by end users to guide automated vehicles, including automated guided vehicles (AGVs), as well as autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The sensors’ multi-echo technology provides very accurate measurements, with decreased measurement noise, with three echoes generated per beam.

What’s new? The multiScan100 family of sensors.

Benefits Improved navigation and safety. With a field of view that spans 360 degrees horizontally and 65 degrees vertically, the multiScan sensors generate up to 648,000 measurement points per second to create a dense, precise point cloud. The sensors can detect static or dynamic obstacles at all angles, helping automated vehicles and robots to move around obstacles or stop to reliably prevent collisions. Due to their modular concept, the multiScan100 sensors can be configured as desired.

Sick Inc., Minneapolis, 800-325-7425,

Vital statistics

Aperture angle, horizontal

360 degrees

Working range

2 inches to 197 feet

Scanning frequency

20 hertz


1.5 pounds

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