Kreon debuts new six-axis portable measuring arm

May 25, 2021
The Ace+ offers improved accuracy and more freedom of movement than its predecessor.

Ace+ Kreon’s portable measuring arms allow users to bring part measurement functions closer to the point of production and can be used equally well in a design department, in a metrology room or on the production floor. The six-axis design is not limited to probing use but can also be used with Kreon’s Zephyr and Solano scanners.

What’s new? The Ace+, which offers better ergonomics compared to its predecessor Ace six-axis arms, and new encoder technology.

Benefits Accuracy. The Ace+ benefits from new encoder technology that offers 25 percent better accuracy than the Ace arms, and its refined stylus configuration delivers a 30 percent increase in freedom of movement. These improvements give it the ability to measure complex, demanding parts with confidence. The improved ergonomics allow an operator to use it for long periods without tiring.

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