PMM’s top 10 most-read stories in November

Dec. 2, 2020
A look at the future of plastics machinery, and the importance of meticulous machine maintenance, were among the topics that drew viewers.

Our cover stories looking forward to the next decade in plastics machinery were among the most popular reads on PMM’s website in November. A series on maintenance also continued to draw interest. Did you miss any? 

  • Milacron predicts versatility will be key to the future, as the circular economy will require primary machines that reduce waste and can process a broader range of post-consumer resins. 

  • Representatives of injection molding machine makers expressed optimism, saying they expect further advances in automation and Industry 4.0, as well as a trend toward manufacturing jobs returning to the U.S. 

  • Regular upkeep on extruders results in fewer emergency repairs, less downtime, lower overall costs, better operating efficiency, higher throughputs and fewer production interruptions. 

  • Faithful care protects injection molding machines and the bottom line. Manufacturers stress routinizing maintenance, fixing problems early and using manuals and on-board diagnostics programs.  

  • Absolute Haitian delivered a Zhafir Zeres electric injection molding machine to Ferris State, giving the university the ability to improve social distancing while still giving students access to applied learning in its lab. 

  • HRSflow’s FLEXflow Evo servo-valve-gate system corrected cosmetic issues that a pneumatic valve gate was causing for Stihls injection molded chainsaw handle. 

  • Industry experts advise finding the purging compound thats the best fit for the resin, and using it regularly, according to manufacturers directions. 

  • Blow molding pioneer Lew Ferguson, whose career spanned five decades, including a long and active membership in the Society of Plastics Engineers, died Nov. 26. 

  • Butler-MacDonald has improved its recycling capabilities by installing a new Erema extrusion system with proprietary modifications. 

  • While Evco Plastics has produced its customers’ products for decades, the strange times brought by COVID-19 caused the company to branch out, create its own face shields and sell them on Amazon.